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MARCH 2016:Always nice when you have lovely people to work with and our stunning Bride Dasha from Russia was certainly just that.The wedding took place at Renaissance in Phuket.Dasha opted for Airbrush Makeup along with hair styling by myself.The afternoon flew by,thankyou very much to Dasha and Andrey,enjoy the rest of your trip up in Mai Khao.Have a look at some of the positions Dasha got into lol,please see more pics on our Facebook page.Bye for now,cya soon xxxx..........


MARCH 2016:I was lucky enough to do an Indian Wedding a few weeks ago & I have just had some photos back from Aht,his team did the Photography at the Cape Panwa,as always his shots are amazing,if anyone needs a Photographer or Videographer for an upcoming Wedding or Event here in Phuket,Thailand,I can thoroughly recommend Aht,you can contact him directly via his website www.phuketphotographer.com The Cape Panwa seems like a fantastic place to get married at too,myself and my team supplied the hair styling & makeup to the bridal party on the big day at Cape Panwa Phuket,hope you enjoy the pics,I shall see you all soon,take care Oh

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FEBRUARY 29TH 2016:Last day of a 3 day shoot at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa,here I am working on the lovely Laurence Llewellyn Bowen,a real charming celebrity from the U.K.Quite a tired today after filming,so off to bed now,enjoy the photos and I shall catch you all soon.Take Care Guys Oh xoxox

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FEBRUARY 2016:Well here we are again,still in the provice of Chaing Mai,hope you like the pics of my Mum and I wearing traditional hill tribe dress,please take a visit next time you are visiting Northern Chaing Mai,beautiful countryside can be found up here,remember to pack a coat as it does get rather chilly up here during the winter months.Back to Phuket later this evening,no need for a coat there lol,speak soon Oh xxx.

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