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JANUARY 2016:You have got to try these toilets that they have all over Japan,heated seat,music,dryer,all sorts,could spend hours on here,now where is my jam sandwich and newspaper lol,cya all soon xxxx

JANUARY 2016 :Sorry everyone all my recnt blogs have disappeared,so just to re cap Happy Christmas,Happy New Year,and why not Happy Birthday too,most posts coming in the near future,including my recent trip to Tokyo in Japan,anyone who has not been before,I thoroughly recommend a trip to Japan,I really loved it.xxxx

March 28th 2015:Well it's the end of a very busy week for myself & the ladies at Wow Make Up in Phuket.But today was a special day for Pum & I,
as we had a chance to work with our favourite Destination Photographer AGAIN,the best of the best without no doubt.Vangelis & his team Daniele Pelacani,Daniele Di Francesco & last but not least Niko Papadopoulos Gogas.The team flew to Thailand from Greece & Italy to be at the Wedding of Mancy & Arnold from Hong Kong & California.Always a pleasure to work with Professionals who are at the very top of their game.
Our Bride Mancy made a great decision on selecting these guys,can't wait to see the Photos in the near future.After the booking at the Renaissance
we had to make a mad dash down to the Sri Panwa,and I am glad to report that all went very well there too.Whilst I remember thankyou very much for the wine Vangelis & I hope we can catch up for some dinner on your next adventure in Phuket or ours in Santorini,Greece.Please check out some of his amazing Santorini Weddings on his website Vangelis Photography........Safe Trip home guys.........Goodnight......Oh   xxxxx

Vangelis Photography with Wow Make Up in Phuket

MARCH 26TH 2015:Thanks very much to the Paresa Resort in Kamala,for providing a stool,to reach one of my tallest Brides to date,the very cute Nicole from Hong Kong.I Hope you and Ray have a fabulous evening & enjoy the rest of your stay on the Island of Phuket. Please say a big Thankyou to your lovely Mum,who provided green tea every 10 minutes throughout the day 5555,the food was lovely too,Eve & myself will miss her. If you want to see more pics from today please let your fingers do the walking to our Facebook Page Wow Make Up in Phuket,plently of pics on Facebook of Pizza,food,drinks,if you look close enough you may even see Hair and Makeup photos too,off to sleep now been a busy day. Take Care  xxxxx

Makeup Artist in Phuket WOW MAKEUP

March 21st:Our first visit to the Kalima Resort & Spa in Phuket,stunning views over Patong Bay,a very nice choice by our Stunning Bride Nicole from Australia.Always nice to work with a happy team & yesterday was no exception,as the selfie shows lol.In the photo is our beautiful bride Nicole along with the team Oh,Pum,Eve from Wow Make Up in Phuket plus the fantastic Videographer Daniel Baci.Anyone planning a Wedding in Phuket should contact him directly through Daniel Baci Photography & Visual Media.

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